TiresTires are one of the most important, and often most overlooked components of our vehicles. Because our tires are the only point of contact between our vehicle and the pavement, it is essential to protect ourselves and our investment through regular maintenance. Tires should be inspected regularly for irregular wear patterns and tread depth.

Our qualified technicians will inspect, balance and rotate as per your vehicle manufacturers schedule or as required and also determine and recommend what the correct size, speed rating, and type of tire that will best suit you needs based on your driving habits when the time rolls around for new tires. At Midas on Lawrence we have the technology and capability of changing rims with a diameter of 12-28”.  Please contact our store for details and specials.

Tire Pressure

Tire maintenance and correct pressure level are not only critical to safety but to:

  • Improving fuel economy
  • Extending tire life
  • Providing better vehicle handling
  • Help to prevent avoidable breakdowns and collisions
  • Reducing exhaust emissions that contribute to environmental and health problems.


Front and rear tires wear differently as per the type of driving and drivetrain of the vehicle. Tires should be rotated as per the manufacturers rotation recommendation found in your owners manual, or as advised by a service professional. It is common practice to rotate tires approximately every 10 000 km.

Winter Tires

Tires used year round often endure more tread and sidewall damage like cuts, cracking, bulging and irregular wearing. It is recommended to use 4 good winter tires during the winter season.

If you are contemplating the need for winter tires and still have some reservations, please review the following videos: